The services of international transport has long been used not only by companies, public institutions or individual favorites. They’re ordinary people who want to purchase goods abroad or to export. If you need such services then you can contact our company.

How do we work?

«Sprint logistics» company freight forwarder. We accept the goods, prepare the necessary documents (including customs), and then send it using a tested carrier air, sea, road or rail. You can stay in Russia, your shipment in China, and its destination in France. We can organize it.

The advantages of this scheme are numerous:

First, the company is not limited to a specific country. We can operate constantly, and not only in the case of shipment of goods in a specific region.

Second, the client is relieved of the need to engage in self-clearance. It is not only save time but also guarantee that the documents will not be errors or inaccuracies.

Offer for enterprises engaged in foreign trade
Foreign economic activity is inseparably linked with services of international transport. We propose to entrust them to us. So you will be able to unload the personnel and direct the company’s resources on other important tasks. In this way did dozens of organizations that have long and successfully cooperate with us.

The service of international transportation
The Benefits Of «Sprint Logistics»:

guarantee the safety of cargo;

operate transparently and openly;

extensive experience solving complex logistical problems;

regular clients get discounts;

we work with any goods;

the fastest shipping and delivery;

provide free information support.

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